CG toolsmith / AAA tools programmer

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Pipeline technical director / Lead RND developer for Gears 5 at Axis Studios. The Coalition / Microsoft.

Mission: Making sure that Axis can integrate high quality content in the game on a consistent basis.

Pipeline projects / Tools:
⛭ Shot export toolsets, that export scenes in parallel, to not block the artist.
⛭ Delivery toolsets to merge and assemble Maya scenes to make them compatible with the Coalition pipeline.
⛭ Batch utilities: Changing props (e.g. updating weapons across multiple shots).
⛭ Unreal tools to handle cinematic character lighting. (Allowing lighting artists to preview their lights in editor).
⛭ Debugging gameplay to cinematic transitions and other integration issues. (E.g. Creating tools for weapon handling.)

⛭ Main point of contact for pipeline issues for Animation, Lighting and FX teams.
⛭ Technical communication between Axis and Coalition.