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Pipeline projects / Tools:
Artist friendly adapter to make the Axis animation pipeline work for Amazon Lumberyard.
⛭ In engine tools to assemble animation data from Autodesk Maya into the Lumberyard engine.
⛭ One-click solution that builds cameras, characters and props on the right track for the correct shot.
⛭ Worked together with rigging TD to create an Autodesk Maya export pipeline.
⛭ In engine Perforce toolsets. (Submitting and syncing changes.)
⛭ Shader preset tool to quickly setup shaders. (Initialize shader for new characters, automatically assign all texture files)
⛭ Day to day tools support for the art and rigging teams. (Including writing the project wiki + documentation.)

Shader instantiate tool:
This tool allowed asset artists to quickly prepare new assets in engine.
⛭ Checks for any published textures for this asset.
⛭ Creates a default shader / material file on disk.
⛭ Assigns all the correct texture paths.
⛭ Displays status for each asset.
⛭ Checks the new shader into Perforce.

Trackview assembler tool:
⛭ Main tool to re-import and update the cinematic sequences.
⛭ Rebuilds the cinematic tracks based on the current active level. (Under the do_not_edit_group)
⛭ Looks for the correct published camera FBX and character animation data.
⛭ Builds shot cameras, characters and props using the correct level offsets. (Different sequences had different world offsets.)