CG Toolsmith

Tools programmer for the AAA games & film industry
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Gears 5

The Coalition / Microsoft. Lead RND Developer @ Axis Studios
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Lumberyard GDC Demo

Amazon Game studios. Technical artist @ Axis Studios
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CG Toolsmith. Suite of DCC tools that can snap & bend geometry. Info


Great passion for improving workflows and solving technical problems

C++, C# & Python

Knowledge of common APIs and SDKs in the CG Industry.

UI frameworks

Experience with Qt, Slate
and other frameworks

AAA Experience

iphone 2


Ability to communicate with other departments and managing artist support.


Ability to be part of a team, take initiative and ownership.

Artist toolsets

Experience with Maya, 3ds Max, Motionbuilder, Unreal Engine, Unity, Lumberyard, CryEngine, Houdini.